10 Extraordinary Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home That are Natural and Inexpensive


Extraordinary Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home

There are many natural and inexpensive beauty treatments you can try today. You can search them online.

To give you a head start, here are some extraordinary beauty hacks you can try today. They will not break your bank account or bring you toxic chemicals. Most of the ingredients used in these recipes are found in your home, especially in the pantry and kitchen.

You can try these beauty treatments for your beauty regimen, namely…

1. Aspirin Mask – helps clean out pores and battle acne

2, Homemade Lemon Facial Scrub – help remove blackheads and breakouts and make skin super smooth and soft

3. Oatmeal and Baking Soda Exfoliante – helps exfoliate skin and make it soft and clear

4. Black-head Remover with Lemon and Honey – helps erase marks/spots on the face and moisturize the skin

5. Lavender Facial Toner – moisturizes the skin

6. Whiten Stained Nails – with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda it’s very possible

7. Best Moisturizing Hair Treatment with Coconut Oil – helps moisturize dry or brittle hair

8. Minimizing Pore Baking Soda Mask – helps to have clearer skin and less prone to breakouts

9. Vinegar Soak for Feet – helps soften tired feet, treat toe nail fungus, foot fungus and athelete’s foot

10. Whiten Teeth for Cheap – it’s very possible to whiten your teeth with this recipe


To learn more ideas and some tips on these beauty treatments, kindly check out the post here…


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