10 Extraordinary Healing Herbs Used in Teas


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 Healing Herbs Used in Teas

Do you drink herbal teas? What is your favorite herbal ingredients for your tea? Do you like chamomile tea, jasmine tea or ginger tea?

Herbal teas have long been known to have medicinal benefits as well as being tasty to drink! Each of the herbal ingredients has a distinctive taste as well as offer unique health benefits such as relieves joint pain, calms anxiety, relieves nausea, helps reduce cholesterol and weight, treats cold and flu and promote healthy sleep, to name a few.

Often the herbal tea are made from blends of various natural ingredients using dried leaves, seeds, grasses, barks and flowers to make a powerful herbal infusion that packs powerful curative properties to aid and boost your health.

Here are 10 of the most healing herbs used for making teas. 

Chamomile – soothes, calms, and induces sleep

Lemongrass – aids digestion after dinner

Jasmine – relaxes, warms and soothes digestive system and help lower cholesterol level

Peppermint – help soothes irritable bowel syndrome, nausea and other stomach-related ailments by calming the abdominal muscles, improves the flow of bile which aids in digestion and help cure minor cases of bad breath

Echinacea – enhances the activity of the immune system, relieves pain, reduces inflammation and have antioxidant effects

Rosehips – contains high concentration of vitamin C, the herb is valued for its immune-strengthening properties

Blackberry leaves – contains a healthy dose of flavonoids, which are known for their antioxidant activity

Hibiscus – natural diuretic

Orange peel – produces a strong, aromatic flavor and is known for its immune system–boosting properties

Hawthorn – helps improve cardiovascular health by helping to relax and dilate blood vessels, which increases blood circulation and lessens stress on the heart

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