12 Amazing Home Remedies for Earaches


Are you looking for home remedies for earaches to help soothe aching ears without using antibiotics and other commercial medications?

12 Amazing Home Remedies for Earaches

Well, we’ve found out that CommonSenseHome had shared 12 home remedies to treat ear pain and ear infections.

Laurie Neverman, the Common Sense Woman, and author of the blog, says you can try simple home remedies using hot packs, onions, garlic oil, mullein oil, essential oil ear ache rub, xylitol, herbal steam inhalations, apple  cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, honey, hot herbal tea, and steam. She advises that keeping ears clean and dry can also help prevent ear issues.

Learn how to make an earache remedy by watching this video below about mullein flower oil…

You can also check commonsensehome.com post to get tips on how to prepare any of these earache home remedies and how to use them for effective results. Read them here…

12 Home Remedies for Earaches

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