13 Extraordinary Uses for Coffee


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13 Extraordinary Uses for Coffee

I’m amazed on some people who made surprising things out of ordinary things that often tossed into the trash bin. But with their creativity, they had infused value on them, an extraordinary value worth  keeping.

Like for example, the coffee grounds after brewing could still be useful on some other things, and so with the can and the java itself.

In this post, I’m sharing Reader’s Digest article on the 13 Surprising Uses for Coffee worth emulating for.

With coffee:

  1. You can stop headaches
  2. You can fix furniture
  3. You can clean your car
  4. You can speed up your composting
  5. You can grill your food
  6. You can fertilize your plants
  7. You can eliminate pet odors
  8. You can clean your face
  9. You can bake bread
  10. You can get glossier hair
  11. You can keep cords under control
  12. You can perk up your meat
  13. You can dye Easter eggs.

To get the full post and learn some tips on using them, click the link below…

13 Surprising Uses for Coffee

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