2 Amazing Recipes to Make Wine at Home Today


Is it easy to make wine? Maybe you might ask this question. But if we ask seasoned wine maker, it is not hard nor complicated with a simple guide that teaches the step-by-step method.

strawberry wine recipe

I would like to share Ben Hardy’s tips on making your own country wines. In his article at LovelyGreens, he shares two easy recipes to make wine today – the rose petal wine and strawberry wine.

According to Ben, to make a rose petal wine you need 11 cups rose petals, sugar, juice from one lemon, white grape juice, boiling water, yeast, yeast nutrient and the option to add pectolase. This recipe will undergo two stages of wine making.

On the other hand, the strawberry wine need ingredients that include strawberries, sugar, boiling water, cold water, yeast, yeast nutrient, pectolase and tannin. This will also pass through the two stages of wine processing.

To learn more wine making ideas and tips from the author of Ben’s Adventures in Wine Making’, kindly check the link below…

DIY Homesteading: Making Your Own Country Wines

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