2 Extraordinary Uses for Cranberries for Digestive Health

This tiny berry, a native North American fruit, is used as food and medicine for the treatment of bladder and kidney diseases. Researchers have found that cranberries have more antioxidant phenols than any of the other 19 most popular fruits in the American diet. These phenols trigger the production of enzymes that make cancer-causing substances water soluble and easily eliminated from the body. The greatest antioxidant content is found in pure cranberry juice.

2 Extraordinary Uses for Cranberries for Digestive Health

The 2 magical uses for cranberries for digestive health

Cranberry twarts traveler’s diarrhea and UTIs. Studies show that cranberries prevent E. Coli bacteria from sticking to the inner surface of your stomach, intestines and urinary tract. The E. Coli are dangerous bacteria responsible for traveler’s diarrhea and some urinary tract infections.

Cranberry fends off ulcers. Researchers say cranberry works against ulcer-causing H. Pylori bacteria in your stomach. One glass of cranberry juice a day could be enough to flush the bacteria out of your stomach before they can dig in and wreak havoc.

Some people who cannot stomach the tartness of cranberry, tried cranberry juice supplements. You can find some quality supplements such as Lakewood Organic PURE Cranberry Juice or the Mountain Sun Antioxidant Power, Pure Cranberry, Unsweetened.

You can enjoy cranberries year round . You can try to add dehydrated berries to your cereal or fruit salad. You can try cranberries as a substitute for lemon or vinegar when you’re dressing salad greens.

AZO All Natural Concentrated Cranberry Tablets

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Now you can get the benefits of cranberry juice, to maintain a healthy urinary tract, without the tart taste, added sugar or calories. AZO Cranberry tablets contain an all-natural concentrate from pure, fresh cranberries.

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