20 Extraordinary Uses for Lemon Juice


extraordinary uses for lemon juice

Lemon juice is not only a refreshing drink but also has many extraordinary uses. This lemon juice can be used to prevent discoloration of the flesh of other fruits when exposed to air or a substitute for vinegar, to mention a few.

While surfing the net, I’ve found at EcoSalon 20 unusual uses for lemon juice worth sharing to our valued readers here on Amazing Herbs & Oils blog.

If you love lemon juice, you will also eager to try these 20 extraordinary uses for lemon juice as…

1. Fingernail Brightener
2. Food Preservative
3. Emergency Deodorant
4. Odor Destroyer
5. Insect Deterrent
6. Lighten Age Spots and Freckles
7. Glass Cleaner
8. Stain Remover
9. Sore Throat Soother
10. Toilet Cleaner
11. Metabolism Booster
12. Dandruff Treatment
13. Metal Polish
14. Rice De-Sticker
15. Hair Highlighter
16. Laundry Brightener
17. Heartburn Relief
18. Facial Treatment
19. Itchy Skin Soother
20. Hangover Relief

Feel free to read the full article to learn specific guides on applying these unusual uses for lemon juice.

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20 Extraordinary Uses for Lemon Juice


To compliment this post, here’s a video on the beauty uses for Lemon Juice. Play it on this page.


Thanks for reading this simple post and watching the video. I hope you learn something here that you can apply in your home with your family or friends.

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