20 Remarkable Uses For Garlic


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extraordinary uses for garlic

Garlic is not only an essential ingredient for most of our food preparations or cold cures. If we explore more, we will discover that there are lots of unusual uses for garlic that we don’t know. Thanks to the article that I’ve found recently that talks about the 20 unusual things we can do with garlic.

I realized that garlic can be used to treat acne, as pesticide, cold sore treatment, mosquito repellent, natural adhesive in glass repair, weight loss aid, treat athlete’s foot, ear infections, skin cleanser, yeast infections, fish bait, psoriasis relief, as cough syrup, mole removal, road de-icer, stimulate hair growth, parasite killer, prevent fart and the more shocking to me… can be used as an aphrodisiac.

I know some people will laugh, but the possibility is there.

To discover more on the extraordinary uses for garlic, click the link below…

20 Remarkable Uses For Garlic

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