21 Surprising Uses for Banana Peels


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surprising uses for banana peels

I was awed to learn this 21 surprising uses for banana peels. If you love eating bananas and just threw the peels away, you might rethink it now. There are many alternative uses for banana peels!

Beauty uses for banana peels
I learned that banana peels couldn’t be only used to cure pimples. They can also be used to whiten teeth, reduce wrinkles, scrapes and scratches, soothe the skin and reduce itching from bug bites, rashes and itches, etc.

Medicinal uses for banana peels
They are also used to ease headaches, eliminate warts and prevent their return, moisturize and reduce itchiness due to psoriasis, ulcers, etc.

To find out how 21 surprising ways you can use banana peels, click the link below…

21 Surprising Uses For Banana Peels

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