25 Extraordinary Ways to Naturally Clean with Salt

25 Ways to Naturally Clean with Salt.

Your kitchen stores many natural cleaning ingredients you might not used to up to now. Aside from vinegar, cream or tartar, lemon and baking soda, you can grab the salt from the pantry and put it to work on cleaning around the home.

You know that salt is useful for cooking and in preserving foods such as fish and meats. But there are may extraordinary ways you can make use with salt. I’ve learned 25 ways to naturally clean with salt from Angie which she shared in one of here post in Thecountrychiccottage.net.

Salt or in combination with other ingredients has cleaning power to shine metal, clean cast iron, help eliminate stinky shoes odors, treat grease stains on carpet, clean water rings from your wood furniture, remove rust from metal, and a lot more.

Before using salt as your another cleaning ingredients, check out the link below for more tips and suggestions…

25 Ways to Naturally Clean with Salt

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