30 Extraordinary Ways to Cure a Migraine


Natural ways to cure a migraine is a call of the time.

If you are experiencing migraine today and think that your first step to getting rid of migraine ASAP is to take pain killers and medication, think of it a second time. There are home remedies and techniques that work just as effective without the nasty side effects.

30 natural ways to cure a migrane

I found David S. Convery’s Migraine Treatments And Remedies – 30 Natural Ways To Cure Your Migraine Headache Today very helpful. Here are his 30 tips…

Tip 1 – Massage your scalp
Tip 2 – Cut down on alcohol and caffeine
Tip 3 – Squeeze the acupressure point of the hand for up to 5 minutes
Tip 4 – Drink herbal tea such as peppermint and chamomile
Tip 5 – Apply an ice pack on the pain area
Tip 6 – Massage neck and shoulder muscles
Tip 7 – Apple a hot damp face cloth on the pain area
Tip 8 – Drink water
Tip 9 – Take a hot bath
Tip 10 – Get enough sleep
Tip 11 – Do not skip meals
Tip 12 – Use essential oils such as lavender, frankincense and peppermint
Tip 13 – Drink spinach and carrot juice
Tip 14 – Apply paste made from lemon peel on the forehead
Tip 15 – Write a diary of day to day activities
Tip 16 – Take up Yoga, Tai Chi and other meditation exercise
Tip 17 – Try Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Ti p 18 – Use cayenne pepper
Tip 19 – Consume ginger in any form
Tip 20 – Get rid of emotional issues
Tip 21 – Enrich Vitamin B intake
Tip 22 – Get some exercise
Tip 23 – Try pulling hair for pain relief
Tip 24 – Use “Feverfew”
Tip 25 – Take Ginkgo Biloba
Tip 26 – Solve body’s hormone imbalance
Tip 27 – Enrich magnesium intake
Tip 28 – Don’t consume foodstuffs that contain food additives and chemical preservatives.
Tip 29 – Don’t consume foods that can contain mono sodium glutamate (MSG)
Tip 30 – Send some of your hair for toxic analysis

To learn specific guides on how to do the tips above, read the 30 Natural Ways To Cure Your Migraine Headache Today. You can download it and read on your PC, Kindle or in any tablet.

Additionally, here are some tips on How to Avoid Avoidable Headache from Frank Rudolph Young’s Yoga Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Long Life:
· Eat three regular meals a day, no more.
· Drink only water between meals. It will reduce the acid in your stomach by neutralizing a part or it. It also fills your stomach and reduces your between-meals appetite.
· Drink four glasses of water one after another. Repeat it an hour later. The hyper acidity in your stomach will be reduced speedily.
· Eat, for a whole week, a thick slice of watermelon at breakfast.
· Never go to bed on a full stomach.
· If all these means fail, see your physician or healer. Your atlas, the first vertebra in your neck, might need adjusting.

To learn more Yoga Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Long Life, check the popular Frank Rudolph Young’s book here

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