5 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking If You Want To Lose Weight

5 Drinks You Should Stop Drinking If You Want To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be hard. Especially when you are working out everyday but you don’t seem to be getting any thinner. It might be time to assess your drinking situation. No, not with alcoholic beverages. I mean your daily drinks. Unless you go to the bar daily. Then we might need to address some other things in your life. Different drinks have so many calories in them, you might not be realizing that you are blowing your diet just with one cup of coffee. Here are five specific drinks you should cut out of your daily diet if you want to lose that weight for good!


Soda is just terrible for you. I mean just so bad for you. If you want to lose weight, stop drinking it. It has been said that a light beer every now and then won’t give you a beer belly, but drinking soda every day will. So stop! Put down the soda and opt for a glass of ice cold water instead. The hardest part is giving up soda. But once you go without it for a few weeks, your body will start to reject it and will inevitably stop craving it completely.

Cream and sugar with a little coffee

I am so guilty of this. I pour a tiny amount of coffee in my cup and then down it with the yummy cream and extra sugar. No wonder my belly is getting bigger! If you must drink coffee, stick to nonfat milk and only a small dash of sugar. In fact, if you have the stomach for it, black coffee is actually quite good for you. Good luck drinking that, though. It’s way too bitter for my taste!

Sweet tea

Or any other sweet drinks for that mater. But sweet tea has a ton of calories in just one glass. I know, it’s hard not to order a large sweet tea when you go to your favorite fast food chicken place. But it’s so bad for you! Not only are you eating a ton of calories with your chicken meal, you are piling on even more calories with a large sweet tea. Just eat at home. Less calories and much healthier options are there.


People are probably dumbfounded that juice made the list. But it actually has a ton of sugar in it, and not the good kind of sugar either. The vegetable drinks are quite good for you, but the orange and strawberry juice drinks are just loaded with calories and sugars. No thanks.


Go with the light beer and skinny margaritas. You don’t even want to know that calorie count of a long island iced tea. Don’t drink your calories when you’ve worked so hard all week to eat healthy. If you are going out for a night with the girls, stick to a glass of red wine or a skinny cocktail. You won’t feel as bloated from the sugar and you are far more likely to drink less, therefore eliminating the risk of a hangover. Yes, please!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, one of Houston home alarm companies that provides home security. She is good about drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but still wished mimosas were acceptable every morning and had twice as less calories in them.

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