5 Extraordinary Uses for Lavender Vinegar


5 Extraordinary Uses for Lavender Vinegar

Lavender in whatever form, whether it is fresh, dried or in essential oil, is really useful for everyday living. It prevents and treats ailments in combination with other herbs and essential oils.

But did you knew that you can also make lavender vinegar? And what are its uses?

Here are five extraordinary uses for lavender vinegar I’ve found at TheNerdyFarmWife blog:

Lavender Vinegar as a Frugal Fabric Softener – Lavender vinegar does not only lend freshness to the laundry but it also has antibacterial properties.

Lavender Vinegar as a Flea Spray – Lavender is one of the best herb to use to get rid of fleas and ticks on your dogs and other pets.

Lavender Vinegar as a Hair Rinse – This remove soap and shampoo buildup from your hair and discourages lice to comfortably live on your scalp.

Lavender Vinegar as a Glass & Surface Cleaner – It helps to easily removing dirt in cleaning your glass and other home surfaces.

Lavender Vinegar for Relaxing Baths & Soaks – Lavender is especially soothing to both the mind and the skin.

To learn easy guides on using lavender vinegar according to the ways mentioned above, check the link below…

Five Uses for Lavender Vinegar

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