5 Extraordinary Ways to Use Oil as Part of a Natural Skin Care Routine


Extraordinary Ways to Use Oil as Part of a Natural Skin Care Routine

If you like making natural skin care products with essential oils, I’m sure you will love this 5 extraordinary ways you can use natural oils I’ve found from KeeperOfTheHome.

Creating your own skin care products is easy and inexpensive. The good thing of this DIY project is you will know beforehand the power-packed ingredients to use for your skin which are moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, and detoxifying to the skin.

Stacy Karen shares this 5 ways to uses oil as ingredients for your natural skin care products:

1. Wash your face with oil – Washing your face with oil is known as the oil cleansing method. Commonly used ingredients are castor oil and sunflower oil.

2. Moisturize your body with oil – Oil is a wonderful moisturizer. It softens and nourishes the skin without leaving you to wonder what ingredients you have just applied. Commonly used ingredients are coconut, safflower, sunflower, olive, and jojoba oil.

3. Remove eye make up – Oil also removes eye-make up, including mascara, very well. Commonly used ingredients are safflower oil, castor oil and olive oil.

4. Create a night-time eye cream – The moisturizing properties of oil make it perfectly suited to softening and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The best oils for use around the eyes are: jojoba, avocado, apricot kernel, or extra-virgin olive oil.

5. Make a body scrub – The inclusion of oil in a body scrub also gives a slight moisturizing effect. Oils commonly use are such as grapeseed, olive, safflower, or sweet almond oil.

To discover how to make some of these natural skin care recipes with oils and use them for effective results, check the link below…

5 Ways to Use Oil as Part of a Natural Skin Care Routine

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