6 “Superfoods” for Your Picky Eater


Do you have a picky eater? I think that every child goes through a that stage, at least mine has (a few times). As a parent you worry about are they getting enough nutrition in their diet? We went through a cookie stage and that is all my kid would request or eat. I didn’t want to starve him, but I didn’t want to just give him cookies! Here are 6 super foods that will fill in those nutrition gaps may turn into one of your kids favorite foods.

1. Avocados: The mushy green fruit is a super food, no doubt. It is loaded with fiber and vitamin E, it is heart healthy too. You can mash up an avocado and squeeze some fresh lime in it and let your child us it as a dip. Some kids that like to “snack” will try new things if they can dip their crackers, chips or veggies in it.

2. Blueberries: Yummy, juicy and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They ward off high cholesterol, fight some forms of cancer and sharpen your memory. Pureed blueberries (frozen or fresh, doesn’t matter) can be disguised in a number of picky eater’s food.

3. Oats: A hearty bowl of oatmeal is a great way to start your kids off for the day and not to mention a healthy way too. They leave kids feeling full and helps rid the body of bad cholesterol. Try the rolled oats (not quick cooking) and cook them in milk, top with fresh fruit and you have a breakfast that even your picky eater can’t refuse.

4. Salmon: Loaded with Omega-3s, salmon can lower risks of heart disease, improve your child’s mood and help out with memory. Cut the salmon is strips and make fish sticks for your kids – you will even enjoy them.

5. Spinach: Jammed pack with nutritional value, just see what it did for Popeye. Spinach has a mild flavor and cooks fast. Tuck it into your spaghetti sauce or your kid’s cheese quesadillas.

6. Yogurt: Rich in calcium and helpful to the digestive tract. Buy the plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit, that way you avoid all the extra sugar from flavored yogurt.

Making these food available and combined with some of their favorite foods, you can have a picky eater with good nutrition. Trying new things are the way your child learns what they like and don’t like. Keep trying, you are doing a great job!

Author Bio:  Larah Shelton is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a leading Houston home alarm company. She enjoys good music, nice weather and spending time with her husband and 2 kids.

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