7 Exercises For Healthy Eyes

Eye exercises increase blood flow and help eliminate dark circles under the eyes, improve loose skin tissue, strengthen eye muscles, smooth fine wrinkles, and prevent creation of “bags” under the eyes.

In fact, they are not only important; they are the only effective action you can take against wrinkles.

Exercise 1 – Eye Exercise to Strengthen the Eye Lid Muscles

Stand in front of a mirror. Relax the face and neck muscles. Open your eyes wide (as much as possible) and look at a certain point (or at distance). Move your pupils to the left (not the head) and then to the right. Repeat several times.

Move the pupils towards the ceiling and then quickly towards the floor. At the beginning, you will feel like straining the eyes; stop and repeat the exercise in the next day. Every time, increase the exercise time.

Exercise 2 – Eye Exercise to Reduce Eye Bags

With you right hand, cover your right eye and close the left eye strongly. Repeat for several times and then do the opposite (cover the left eye and close the right one).

Exercise 3 – Eye Exercises to Reduce Wrinkles

With the soft part of fingertips, hold the far end of the eyebrow and massage with circular movements. Be relaxed during the exercise, relax your shoulders and you can close your eyes. This action strengthens the muscles in the area and it is good for those that have wrinkles in the eye-angle skin area. It is also efficient for headaches.

Exercise 4 – Eye Exercise to Relieve Stress in the Eye

Place the thumbs in the inner part of the eye chimney and massage the area gently. Lightly press on the area and massage again gently. This massage helps tired eye muscles and is beneficial in cases of headaches.

Exercise 5 – For Relaxing the Tension around the Eyes

Place the soft part of your fingertips under the eye’s center, on the upper part of your cheekbone. This is the area where swelling develops under the eyes. Massage the area in circular motion. This action strengthens the muscles, helps tired eyes (eye muscles) and relaxes the tension around the eyes.

Exercise 6 – for Smoothing Wrinkles

Put the soft part of your fingertips in the eye’s edges, feel the muscle and massage in circular motion with a light pressure. This is the area where wrinkles appear first.  By massaging these points, you increase blood flow, add strength and flexibility to the muscles. This treatment is also efficient for dry and sensitive eyes.

Exercise 7 – to Strengthen the Loose Skin and the Upper Eyelids

Pinch the eyebrow from its root towards outside, making little pinches at a steady rate.  Doing this repeatedly strengthens the loose muscles of the eyes.

How Long Do I Do These Exercises?

Repeat the exercises until you feel the strain and tiredness in the eyes. With time, as the eye muscles become stronger, you can exercise longer.

Doing these exercises consistently will improve the looks of your skin, delay the appearance of “bags” and swelling under the eyes and strengthen the muscles. It is recommended that you perform these exercises daily, and even several times a day.

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