70 Amazing Uses For Vinegar


extraordinary uses for vinegar

I’m really in love finding great articles that showcase surprising things to do with basic low-cost products and ingredients we didn’t realize would help and give us lots of benefits. Last week, I shared How to Make Medicinal Vinegars to Cure Every Ailments.

Vinegar is one of the basic essentials for all kitchens, including your home and mine. We usually use this as a condiment. But there’s still more we can do with vinegar for beauty, medicinal and even horticultural purposes.

There are lots of unusual, thrifty and eco-friendly uses for vinegar that many of us didn’t knew or experimented.

Maybe you haven’t though vinegar can be useful as:
· hair conditioner such as apple cider vinegar
· weed killer
· underarm stain remover
· fabric softener
· sore throat remedy
· ant deterrent
· sore muscle soak
· air freshener
· sticker remover
· hiccup cure
· clean crusty paintbrushes
· dissolve rust
· eliminate stale odors
· remove mineral deposits
· neutralize spice in foods
· prolong life of cut flowers
· glass, plastic, chrome and floor cleaner
· treat fungal infections
· tenderize and kill bacteria in meat
· open drains and freshen garbage disposals

Today, I’m sharing an article that exposes more than 70 amazing uses for vinegar in your health, beauty, home, garden as well as in your food and cooking.

To get to the full post and learn specific suggestions on uses for vinegar, click the link below…

70 Amazing Uses For Vinegar

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