Amazing 3 NEW All-Purpose Healing Salve BLENDS


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NEW All-Purpose Healing Salve BLENDS

Having an All Purpose Healing Salve is a money saver for it’s proven to be useful in natural healing and packs softening and antiseptic properties.

In our previous posts, we’ve shared An Extraordinary Calendula Lotion Recipe to Make at Home, How to Make Homemade Vaporub Salve for Natural Cough Remedy for Kids and Adults, How to Make All Natural Antiseptic Ointment, to name a few. But today, I would like to share another blends shared by Camp Wander. These 3 blends has a lot more uses such as the Anti-aging Blend, L.L.P.  Allergy Blend and  Aches & Pain Blend.

If you want to try them at home, I’m sure you can have your own salve anytime soon because all of these salves are easy to make. The basic ingredients of these salves are organic extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil (natural moisturizer with antibacterial properties), olive oil (packs anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties) and beeswax pastilles. Just decide which blends you want to create in order to add the essential oils.

For Anti-Aging Blend, you need to add frankincense, lavender and cypress for regenerating your face and body.

For L.L.P. Allergy Blend, you need add lemon, lavender and peppermint to have an all natural anti-histamine.

And for Aches & Pain Blend, you need to add Birth EO, White Fir and frankincense to have a powerful pain reliever.

To get tutorials on making these all-purpose healing salve blends, please check out the link below…

3 NEW All-Purpose Healing Salve BLENDS

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