Amazing Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Is your child acting funny and pulling their ear as if it is hurting? They may have an ear infection.  Before taking them to the doctor, here are some remedies that might do the trick.

Amazing Natural Remedies for Ear Infections


1. Hot Compress – using a washcloth, soak it in hot water and place it over the ear.  Be sure that the washcloth is not that hot before placing it on the skin.

2. Garlic – considered the most natural medicine can also alleviate ear infection by boiling one clove until soft.  Place it on the outer ear and secure by covering with gauze.  This remedy will draw out the infection.

3. Breast Milk – for mothers who are still lactating, a few drops of breast milk helps to ease the aching.  A mother really knows best.

4. Onion – another natural medicine that can cleanse the ear with its fumes.  Cut onion into 2 and bake until it starts to smell.  Place in both ears like ear muffs and wrap with 100% cotton towel so the fumes reach the far ends of the ear.

Natural remedies may or may not help ease an ear infection.  The best practice is still to visit the doctor especially if the temporary relief is not working.

Check out some amazing natural remedies for ear infections here… or watch Jennifer Lyall, naturopath Dr. Jean Jacques Dugoua and chiropractor Dr. Tracy Schlachta discuss ear infections. Including what causes them, why kids get ear infections, natural treatments and how to prevent them.

And tell us what natural remedies do you like most for ear infections. 🙂

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