20 Amazing Uses For Honey


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amazing uses for honey

You may already know amazing uses for honey on foods like spreading it to your favorite toast, but not yet discovered the uses for honey in hair and on skin etc. Learning the 20 unusual uses for this wonderful natural product is a good way to appreciate our friendly honeybees’ sweetest gift.

In this post, I’m sharing Anna Broner’s wonderful post 20 Unusual Uses for Honey published on HuffingtonPost.com. The travel and food writer and marketing manager of EcoSalon highlighted the uses for honey like putting it on your lips, make as moisturizer, remove parasites, clean cuts and scrapes, get rid of hangover, soften your skin, beautify your hair, to mention a few.

To learn more amazing uses for honey on skin, hair and in food etc, read the full post…

20 Unusual Uses For Honey

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