Another Effective Tea for Congestion and Cough


Effective Tea for Congestion and Cough

Since we started this little site, we already shared a lot of recipes to ease colds, congestion and cough such as How to Make Herbal Cold Cure and Cough Syrup, Cheap Natural Cold Remedies That Work, How To Make A Homemade Syrup With Honey for Cold and Flu, How to Cure a Cold Without Medicine, Effective Homemade Decongestant Recipe You Can Make for 15 Minutes, to mentioned a few.

Today, I’ve found another extraordinary recipe from Sipandom. It’s not only simple to make but an effective tea to ease congestion and cough.

For the ingredients  you need to prepare organic lemon, organic grated fresh ginger or in powder form, organic honey and hot water to make a powerful concoction. This tea will boost your immune system because lemons are rich in Vitamin C and help reduce inflammation caused by viruses, the ginger helps alleviate flu and cold symptoms, while honey coats the throat and soothe it with the help of its powerful antiviral properties.

Read the full post to discover how the author easily make this tea. Check the link below to hop into the article.

Tea for Congestion and Cough

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