Benefits of Making All Natural Beauty Products at Home


All Natural Beauty Products You Can Make at Home for Fun and Profit

For the past two months, we were sharing tens of DIY projects, mostly all natural beauty products that you can make at home. But did you realized what benefits you can get when you try to make your own beauty products?

Well, I’m sharing today Angela Beery’s contributed article on KeeperoftheHome. The homemaker and Salvation Army volunteer listed 4 great benefits why you should spend the time making beauty products at home. She said that:

1.  Making beauty products at home will provide you with the safest and most personalized products possible.

2.  Making beauty products at home is very frugal.

3. Homemade beauty products make great gifts.

4.  Homemade beauty products are free of toxins and harmful substances.


And what are some beauty products you can make at home?

You can try to make:

Body Scrub: Brown Sugar, Honey and Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Moisturizer: Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Make-up Remover: Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Antidandruff treatment: Apple Cider Vinegar

Razor Burn Treatment/ Facial Moisturizer: Honey

For Dry Elbows: Lemon

Hairspray: Gelatin

Diaper Rash: Coconut Oil

Lip Balm: Coconut Oil, almond oil, cocoa butter
Read Angela Beery’s full article as she reveals how you can easily make some of the beauty products mentioned above.

Check the link below to get into her detailed instructions on making your own beauty products at home for fun and profit.

Safe & All Natural Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

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