Best Ways to Keep Your Immunity Working Smoothly Year-Round


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Staying healthy is an ongoing process. Here are the best ways to keep your immunity working smoothly year-round.

Start off at the table with tasty and colorful meals. Yogurt, chicken soup and fish are power foods that boost immunity, according to Amanda MacMillan and Tamara Schryver of Yogurt with probiotics is great for the digestive system and immunity. Chicken soup is known for its ability to thin mucus. Researchers have also observed its anti-inflammatory powers in action. Fish with omega-three fats can have anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Delicious Immunity Assistants

Beef, sweet potatoes and mushrooms are also tasty immunity boosters. A serving of beef can improve a diner’s zinc levels, increasing protection against infections.

  • Sweet potatoes are a good source of Vitamin A, which is a component of skin health.
  • Serve mushrooms in a salad or stir-fry to help white blood cells.
  • In autumn, try all three ingredients in a healthful stew.

The next time a snack is called for, add nuts and seeds to the mix. Almonds, sunflower seeds and peanuts have the antioxidant Vitamin E, according to Livestrong’s August McLaughlin. Hazelnuts are another immunity supporter, so indulge in some Nutella with fruit.

Turmeric, a spice that’s popular in curry, contains a beneficial compound. Curcumin helps the body strengthen immune system defense, according to CBC News. Another flavor enhancer that helps with immunity is garlic. Add some to chicken soup the next time a cold threatens.


Talk to your doctor about adding multivitamin and other supplements to your daily routine. A multivitamin can provide B vitamins and other essential nutrients that may be lacking in your meals. Vitamin C is an antioxidant also found in oranges.

Another professional who can help keep immunity running well is a dentist. A yearly dental exam and regular cleanings can head off conditions like plaque and gingivitis. Such conditions can affect your overall health if ignored.

Clean Hands

Washing hands is a key to protecting immunity, especially when those in proximity are ill. Wash hands before eating and keep hand sanitizer around for journeys away from home. Use a cleaning wipe on phones and doorknobs so immunity-busters aren’t transmitted around the home and workplace.

Regular exercise is another foundation for immunity. During warm months, enjoy a walk or run outside. Hiking or team sports are fun ways to get moving. A treadmill and kettle bells can keep the body moving when the weather isn’t cooperative. Enlist the family to enjoy parks and activities together.


Being constantly stressed can undermine your immunity. Instead, try to unwind by playing a game or enjoying a hobby. Head to the library for a bestselling novel or an audiobook. Watch a movie during the weekend or catch up on local events. Recharge by taking a few days off or go on a longer vacation.

Another measure to feel more rested is to improve the quality of your sleep. Wash sheets and pillowcases to banish allergens that can cause nighttime coughing and sneezing. Go to bed earlier for more hours of sleep. If a mattress and pillows are worn out, schedule them for replacement.

When it comes to maintaining health get immune support from Del-Immune V and small efforts can provide nurturing benefits. Enjoy the best ways to keep your immunity working year-round.

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