Big Toe Joint Pain Home Remedies

The feet are a vital part of the body as it helps us stand up, jump, walk and run. Getting to one place to another keeps our feet busy all day. Even if we are sitting down, the toes don’t stop from moving and sometimes you feel pain or stiffness on the big toe joint. If you feel it then have it checked as it may be a sign of arthritis.

When a condition like this occurs, the cartilage is damaged as it covers the bones and prevents the bones from rubbing together. Due to trauma or injury, cartilage around the joint can be disrupted and causes development of scar tissue. Best treatment will be provided by your friendly podiatrist so take that toe some tender care.

There are also remedies you can do at home. These may not be permanent solutions but it offers relief from that painful big toe joint stress. Some of these may work for you and who knows? It may be your best remedy for the pain.

  • Wear properly fitted and comfortable pair of shoes to reduce the onset of symptoms. You can also put arch supports for better fitting. Forget about fashion when choosing the right pair or the joint of your big toe will just suffer.
  • Put a pack of ice on your big toe to reduce the swelling. It offers temporary relief but at least it will help.
  • Eat healthy and the right kind of food. Foods rich in Vitamin B like bananas, poultry and avocados. Taking Vitamin B complex supplements also aids in getting the necessary vitamins your big toe needs.
  • You can also try using ginger in your everyday food. It is believed that ginger can alleviate inflammation and pain. Just add finely chopped ginger to a cup with boiled water, let steep for at 3 minutes and you have a freshly made ginger tea.
  • Speaking of ginger, you can also make some do-it-yourself home remedy by using ginger strips, 2 tablespoon of calendula flowers, 1/4 cup of olive oil, 15 drops of lavender essential oil and 4 tablespoon of beeswax. Using a sauce pan with ½ inch of water, bring it to slowly simmer with the ginger strips, calendula and olive oil. Let cool and put in a glass bowl to infuse completely. After four hours, strain through a mesh strainer. Using the same sauce pan, reheat and stir in the beeswax until completely melted. Remove the mixture from the pan. Let it cool and put in a small glass jar. Simply put a small amount of the oil to your big toe and let it stay overnight. It will offer some form of relief from inflammation and pain.

Before popping a pill, look for other alternatives to ease your big toe joint pain. Sometimes, remedies are just found inside your kitchen. With proper care for your feet and a little help from your kitchen herbs and oils, these remedies will keep you on your toes.

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