DIY Detox Drinking Water While Breastfeeding

A lot of newly moms who would like to personally nurse their newborn babies asking if they can try to start a detox while breastfeeding. But most family doctors will answer no because of several risks involved while breastfeeding. Doing a detox during nursing will risk transferring stirred up toxins to the baby, becoming dehydrated and too little nutrition on a detox.

Detox Drinking Water While Breastfeeding

It’s better to focus on nutrition because that’s what the growing baby needs. Remember, breast milk is totally dependent upon what you consume and are made up of as a woman. Eating a better foods, drinking lots of pure water, exercising, etc. are all proactive things you can do to better your health.

It’s always important to know that even without doing aggressive detoxing, your body is always detoxifying, naturally eliminating toxins. You can support your body’s cleaning process by making sure your elimination pathways are running clear and smooth. And reduce the number of toxins that are going into your body.

For Margaret Floyd, the best way for nursing moms to hydrate is detox drinking water with added unrefined sea salt. Water helps flush nasty toxins and waste through the system, giving organs like the liver and kidney an easier time doing their toxin elimination. While the unrefined sea salt is an electrolytes to help better absorption.

Margaret’s strategy is drinking 8-12 oz of water every time she breastfeed in addition to sipping water throughout the day. She also add a pinch of unrefined sea salt to the water. 

Though detox by just drinking water is not only the best option. Margaret also make sure she’s digesting and eliminating well everyday, keep her skin clear, keep her lymph flowing, take deep breathing, do oil pulling (Go easy with it at first. Maybe once or twice a week, then build up gradually to daily.), and reduce the number of toxins going in through her diet.

You can read more of Margaret’s tips while breastfeeding here – Detox While Breastfeeding? Seven things you can (and should) do (and so should everyone else) 

You can also get insights from Jillian Michaels about breastfeeding and diet by watching the short video below…

Photo credit: Margaret Floyd

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