Easy Tutorial on How to Make Essential Oil Inhalant

Are you still walking around with stuffy nose for months but tired of using over-the-counter treatments of decongestants and antihistamines. Maybe you would like to try a natural remedy.

how to make essential oil inhalant

An essential oil inhalant might be a good natural remedy for your situation. And the good thing of this is you can make your own inhalant with your favorite essential oils.

There’s an easy tutorial on How to Make the Essential Oil Inhalant I’ve found at RealFoodRealFrugal. It uses powerful essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and rosemary in addition with Himalayan Pink Salt or any alternative.

What are the benefits of these four essential oils? Here they are…

Peppermint — helps relieve inflammation to open the nasal passages for easy breathing

Eucalyptus – helps to open up sinuses so you can breathe easier

Tea Tree – helps to treat inflammation, colds and the flu, as well as viral infections

Rosemary – helps to drain off anything that block nasal passages


Read Susan Godfrey’s full article as she reveals how you can easily make your own essential oil inhalant to free up your stuffy nose.

To get to the post, check the link below…

How to Make the Essential Oil Inhalant

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