Extraordinary Detox Drink Recipes for Weight Loss

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detox drink recipes for weight loss

Would you like to shed up to 5 lbs of excess water weights in 7 days? Then this detox drink recipes for weight loss by Jillian Michaels could be a perfect answer.

This homemade detox drink recipes to lose weight uses extraordinary healthy ingredients such as dandelion root, cranberry juice and lemon juice.

Though, I cannot promise that this is your permanent solution. But if you need to shed the excess baggage for your body to fit into a new dress you have just bought for an upcoming event, this would be your fast solution.


To find out how to make it and learn Lizzy’s experience of consuming this anti-bloat detox drink, check the easy tutorial here… How To Make Jillian Michaels Anti-Bloat Detox Drink Recipe,


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  2. It can make your stomach feel fuller so that you won’t intake food in excess.

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