Extraordinary Herb-Infused Oil And Skin Soother Salve


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Herbs infused oils and salves are great products that you can easily make at home for your skin care routine, heal wounds and as antibacterial ointment.

In our previous post, we’ve shared a lot of DIY skin care recipes such as Extraordinary Tutorial to Make a Herbal Infused Oil, How to Make Your Own Sleep Salve for Sweet Dreams and Soft FeetHow to Make Coconut Lavender Relaxation Salve, Amazing 3 NEW All-Purpose Healing Salve BLENDS, How to Make Salve for Stretch Marks, to name a few. 

Today, I would like to share another effective skin care recipes… The skin Soother Salve. This salve also know as “The Green Stuff” is used to relieve cuts, scrapes, bug bites and other minor injuries.

Making this recipe takes two steps:

*The making herb-infused oil using extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and powerful herbs that include dried comfrey leaf, calendula bloosoms or petals, and plaintain leaves

*The making of Skin Soother Salve using the herb-infused oil, grated beeswax and drops of essential oils such as lavender and tea tree oil.

If you’re eager to make this at home, get the full instructions on how to make a herb-infused skin soother salve on the link below…

DIY Herb-Infused Oil & Skin Soother Salve

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