Extraordinary Herbal Foot Soak Recipe


extraordinary herbal foot soak recipe

Do you love working in your garden and got dirty, achy feet in the end? What will you do to relax your tired feet? Clean it directly with running water from your garden’s faucet or give it a foot bath? I think you would love the latter.

You will give a great service to your feet with a foot bath in a tub with soothing herbs and essential oils added on the water. The water will not only clean your feet but also nourish them. Your feet’s skin will absorb all the healthy benefits of the herbs and essential oils and will probably spread throughout the whole body. And I found Gardener’s Herbal Foot Soak Recipe perfect for this situation.

To make herbal soak on your own, you will just need Epsom salts, pure lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary essential oil, dried comfrey root powder, dried lavender, dried mint leaves, dried bergamot petals.

Check the link below to get specific directions on how to make this herbal foot soak, where to get the ingredients and much more…

Extraordinary Herbal Foot Soak Recipe

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