Extraordinary Homemade Lavender Hand Cream to Soften Dry and Rough Hands


Homemade Lavender Hand Cream

Are you using hand cream to soften your dry and rough hands? What type of hand creams? If you are using one, I think it is commercially-made and branded hand cream. But did you know that you can make your own hand cream? And it’s so simple to do.

In our previous posts, we’ve shared a lot of cream recipes such as Amazing DIY Acne Cream Tutorial , Easy Tutorial on How to Make Homemade Shaving Cream, Extraordinary Tutorial to Make Wild Chamomile Body Cream. Today, I would like to share this extraordinary homemade lavender hand cream recipe from TheHappyHouseWife. Jami, the author of this recipe and also the owner of An Oregon Cottage, shares that when you make your own Lavender Hand Cream you’ll get simpler ingredients that include sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, grated beeswax and lavender essential oil.

The mother of two reveals that this recipe is a foolproof method, a wonderful light scent, and a cream rich enough to not only keep your hands and cuticles looking good, but also work wonders on your elbows and dry heels as well.

Aside from personal or family use, you can make this lavender hand cream as a gift to friends or if you are enterprising enough (use different scents), you can make it as a side business.

To see the exact guide on making this recipe, kindly check out the link below…

Extraordinary Homemade Lavender Hand Cream

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    • Hi Chitra,

      Thanks for your comments. You can use vitamin e oil, olive oil or an essential oil such as sweet almond oil. You should also drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

      Amazing Herbs and Oils Team

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