Extraordinary Homemade Orange-Scented Vinegar


As parents, the home is the best place to unwind from a hectic job and be with family. All the time, we would like to see that the we and our children are happy and healthy. From eating healthy and nutritious foods, breathing fresh air and getting away from exposure to herbicides and pesticides and other harmful chemicals. But despite all the efforts, the home is still in danger from toxic pollution such as continuing using chemical-laden sprays and cleaning products.

Extraordinary Homemade Orange-Scented Vinegar

It’s time to take some alternatives. If you’re fond of using chemical cleaning products, why not use a natural cleaners? There are many tutorials online that teaches how you can make your own. One of these is the making of homemade orange-scented vinegar from Little Owl Crunchy Mama posted at HomeGrownandHealthy.

You can make use of the orange peels and white vinegar to make a lovely slight orange-y aroma and powerful all-natural home cleaners for all your cleaning projects.

This recipe is a nifty trick from creatively thrifty person. If you are interested in learning to make this at home, be sure to check out the easy tutorial here…


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