Extraordinary Immune Boosting Tonic for Children


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Immune Boosting Tonic for Children Recipe


Are you looking for tonic to boost your children’s immune system? Here’s an awesome tip for you.

We’ve just found out a great tonic recipe posted at True Earth Mama which might be helpful. So we will share it with your here on our growing site. This tonic is generally made for children over the age of 1 but this is also beneficial to adults. 

Alex, the author of the blog, proudly says that this recipe uses organic ingredients and of the highest quality and combine to help your child boost their immune system to prevent illness while helping replenish the body’s most important vitamins. The ingredients include elderberries, rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and raw honey.

So what are the benefits of these ingredients? Just take a glimpse of these…

*Elderberries: stimulate immune system and helps with digestive system

*Rooibos: lowers blood pressure, protect the heart, improves immunity

*Cinnamon: reduces cholesterol and pain linked to arthritis

*Ginger: helps digestive issues and reduces flatulence

*Cloves: encourages healthy teeth and gums

*Raw Honey: helps treat cold, sore throats, indigestion, allergies and acne


Want to make your own children immune boosting tonic? Please read tutorial here…

Recipe for Children’s Immune Boost Tonic

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