Extraordinary Recipe to Make Lavender Kombucha


how to make lavender kombucha

Lavender kombucha is another amazing recipe I’ve found today and would love to share with our readers here in Amazing Herbs and Oils blog. I’ve got this refreshing recipe from Nina of ShalomMama.com.

You may ask what is kombucha? According to Nina, kombucha is a drink made by placing a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) in a jar full of super-sweet tea. It is full of probiotics and it’s a great drink for the whole family. And your kids will surely love it.

Note: You can download free copy of 56-page eBook about making kombucha here.

In making lavender kombucha, the mother of four adorable children take a two-step process. The first with making kombucha and the second with the fermentation of the lavender buds. This maybe a delicate process but it’s easy to follow.

To get the full tutorial of this unique recipe, click the link below…

How to Make Lavender Kombucha

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