Extraordinary Uses of Lemon Ginger Water


extraordinary lemon ginger water recipe

Have you tried drinking hot lemon water? How about hot lemon water with additional ginger?


I’ve found an article from MyFavoriteThings explaining the health benefits of lemon-ginger water. From the look at the two ingredients, you can deduce that it’s not only delicious but also brings tons of health benefits. This is one of the cheaper health drinks you can take regularly to build a strong defense from ailments and diseases.

The lemon water, for example, can relieve digestion problems, excellent for skin care, aids in dental care, cure throat infections, good for weight loss, controls high blood pressure, assist in curing respiratory diseases, good for treating rheumatism, reduces fever, acts as blood purifier, etc.

While the ginger helps in color cancer prevention, morning sickness, motion sickness, reduces pain and inflammation, heartburn relief, cold and flu prevention, migraine relief, menstrual cramp relief, prevention of diabetes, etc.

To learn more about the health benefits of lemon and ginger water, check the link below…

The Health Benefits of Lemon-Ginger Water

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