Extraordinary Way to Naturally Whiten Teeth


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naturally whiten teeth instantly


How to acquire glamorous tooth shine and naturally whiten teeth instantly?

I’ve learned from Frank Rudolph Young in his book Yoga Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Long Life to use a cotton and toothpaste.

Let’s follow his guide:

· Moisten the small ball of cotton first.
· Spread ¼ inch of toothpaste on it, and press it hard enough against your teeth to take on their curves.
· Rub the cotton away from your gums, and in that direction only.
· Use a total of ¼ inche of toothpaste for the whole each of the four non-biting surfaces of all your teeth. These four surfaces are the outer and inner surfaces of your upper teeth and those of our lower teeth. You need less toothpaste for the chewing surfaces of your teeth, or for your tongue, which should be swabbed with the cotton at the end.
· Rinse off with a waterpick. Then rub your tongue over your teeth to “feel” whether they are sufficiently clean. Any area that feels rough need more cleaning. But don’t rub it repeatedly and erode the surface of the enamel with hand trauma. Just clean it a little more next time you wash your mouth.
· Throw away the cotton ball after using it once.

And to maintain glamorous tooth shine, he suggested to:
· Avoid sticky foods, like chocolate, which bury into the grooves of your teeth and cause decay.
· Eat foods that can be brushed easily off your teeth.
· Have your teeth cleaned with ultra-sound about once a year, unless your dentist advise differently.

And here are additional 5 All-Natural Ways To Brighten Your Smile from The Beauty Bean.

· Get pasty with baking soda
· Snack on fruit
· Sip with a straw
· Use electric toothbrush
· Snack on something naturally chewy

To learn more Yoga Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Long Life, check the popular Frank Rudolph Young’s book here

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