Five Ways to Feel 20 at 50


Trying to squeeze into a sports coat I wore for my college graduation made me come to a realization—I do not have the same body I did 30 years ago. I’d been in denial that my waist line was expanding and my testosterone on the decline since 1983. Now I had to face facts and learn how to solve my problem. That is, if I wanted to get the most out of my masculine physique before it was too late. Wondering what I could do to get my manhood back I got on a testosterone supplement and tried five things that worked for me.

Five Ways to Feel 20 at 50

Diets are for Wimps

Diets high in sugar and fat were what brought me to the miserable, overweight mess I had become. So, one of the first things I did was look in my fridge. Sure, I had the weekly stock of Bud and a giant bottle of ketchup. What I was missing was fresh fruits and vegetables for a fat cutting food plan, as well as lean proteins. For those wondering, like I was when I first heard of them, lean proteins are low in saturated fats. Think chicken or turkey breast, or opt for eggs, fish and cuts of red meat sans the flabby white stuff. Other proteins to add to the pile include nut butters, like almond, peanut or cashew, and avocados, olive oil and seeds without salt. The idea is that the protein and monosaturated fats found in these foods are a natural form of testosterone supplement.

Going Solo

As the king of all bachelors, I may act like I have it all. But in reality I spend many nights in bed alone, something I was hoping to improve through my testosterone boosting methods. So, when I discovered that a boost for testosterone was to get busy between the sheets, I admit I was bummed out. Fortunately I also learned that even the simple act of getting turned on gives a guy a boost of T. By going solo I can boost my testosterone levels whenever I want, well almost whenever.

Get Physical

In the same vein, physical activity through exercise has had amazing effects on increasing my T levels. As I’ve been going to the gym and working out, I’ve transformed my flub into a decently toned bod. The increase in endorphins of exercise, along with the weight lifting sessions I do, have given my body a double dose of power against loss of T.

Dr. Knows Best

After I was at a good point with my weight loss and exercise regimen, I wanted more. So I checked with my doc to see if he had any other ideas I could use for improving my testosterone levels. He completed a physical exam, took some blood, and then pulled out his trusty clipboard. I thought surely he was going to write me a script for some hardcore testosterone supplement. He didn’t. Instead he wrote out a list of simple things I could do to help me along my T enhancing path. Then, he said, if that didn’t work, he would be recommending a testosterone supplement. First, get eight uninterrupted hours of quality sleep. That I could do. I sleep like a champ. Second was to cut out smoking. Now, I’m not a smoker—of cigarettes. However, I do love my poker night cigar, and that was going to have to be snubbed out. Third thing was to start meditating. Meditating? What the—this one he explained would help me to become mindful and to live in the moment, which would also help with quitting that weekend cigar.

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Drew Littlejohns is the Co-Owner of VH Nutrition and Violent Hero Powerlifting. You can reach him at Google+ and Facebook.

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