16 Best Recipes For Common Ailments Using Olive Oil

Folk Remedies for Common Ailments Using Olive Oil

Conventional wisdom has accumulated over the centuries to include a number of folk remedies that use olive oil and olive leaves as the main elements. These remedies, often transmitted orally, are a prominent part of the culture of olive and olive oil.

Many of these recipes for home remedies, which may seem of dubious medical benefit, have been validated by the appearance of many scientific studies that confirm the beneficial uses of olive oil for health and beauty.

These home remedies are based on experience and coexistence between man, olive and olive oil for hundreds of years and are assumed to be perfectly valid and used in many cultures. The list of remedies and uses is very extensive, however the most representative or most popular uses are listed below.  One could try to classify the types of remedies for diseases, types of applications, etc. but they are so varied that it is best to address them one by one.

That said, olive oil can be applied directly, others as ointments with olive oil as a base, others are soaps made from olive oil, others require the preparation of infusions with olive oil, with olive leaves or even the bark of the tree.  These recipes below help in many ways and have been used in many cultures for hundreds of years!

16 Best Recipes For Common Ailments Using Olive Oil


1. Fever


Cook the dried leaves of olive (1/4 cup) for 15 minutes and drink the broth three cups a day. You can also soak the olive tree trunk bark (1/4 cup) food alcohol (1 cup) and take 20 drops three times daily.

2. Hypertension

Prepare olive leaf tea and drink before eating dinner.

3. Laxative

In cases of constipation may take a couple of teaspoons of olive oil on an empty stomach.

4. Haemorrhoids

To relieve them, wash with water resulting from 2 tablespoons olive bark per 1 quart of water. Another remedy is wash with warm water or warm the affected area with homemade soap made with Olive Oil.  Rinse with cold water.

5. Constipation

Make a poultice based with raw spinach with virgin olive oil applied on the stomach.  Works well for constipation and other digestive type ailments.

6. Tired feet

To relieve tired feet add a few drops of olive oil in the palm of the hand and massage the feet.

7. Ear Wax

Apply a few drops of olive oil in the ear before bed and place cotton in the ear with cotton.  After two or three nights the cap can be removed with a syringe of warm water under pressure inside the ear.

8. Painful gums

To relieve sore gums when an infant is teething rub the gums with a little olive oil.

9. Injury

It is said that the washing of the affected area with cooking water from olive leaves accelerates healing.

10. Bleeding

Apply coarse powder (wild plant) along with a little olive oil. The bleeding stopped and the wound heals quickly.

11. Burns

Relieve pain from burns rub them with homemade soap made ​​of virgin olive oil.

12. Swelling

Crush a clove of garlic with a little virgin oil and mix.  Take a piece of cotton and spread the affected area.  Wrap with a cloth and leave on until swelling goes down.

13. Rheumatism

Here is an olive oil ointment. Combine 1 cup of virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers.  Then heat for half an hour.  Cool and strain. Now separate mixing 1 tablespoon of camphor and 3 tablespoons of alcohol.  Add the preceding infusion and mix.  Apply locally on the massage joints, twice a day.

14. Rosacea

Improve symptoms or delay their appearance, massage daily 3 to 4 minute daily with olive oil.

15. Psoriasis

The pustules are hydrated and absorb the olive oil.  Use daily.

16. Acne

In order to get rid of acne, you should wash the affected area with homemade soap made ​​from virgin olive oil.

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