Four Stages of Migraines and the Effective Natural Holistic Therapies

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Four Stages of Migraines and the Effective Natural Holistic Therapies for Migraines

We’ve just found out this Migraine’s 4 stages and natural holistic remedies infographic from WholesomeOne worth sharing with our growing community here on Amazing Herbs and Oils.

It says that migraine has 4 stages. They are Prodrome, Aura, Attack and Postdrome.

Prodrome – One or two days before a migraine, you may notice constipation or diarrhea, euphoria, depression, fatigue food cravings, neck stiffness etc.

Aura – Most people experience migraine headaches without aura. Auras are usually visual but can also be sensory, motor or verbal disturbances.

Attack – When untreated, a migraine typically lasts from 4 to 72 hours, but the frequency with which headaches occur varies between individuals.

Postdrome – This final phase occurs after a migraine attack, when you may feel weak and fatigued, though some people report feeling mildly euphoric.

Please get the full infographic to fully read the four stages of migraines what causes it and its natural holistic remedies that include nutrition, herbs, supplements and bodywork. Go check it out here …

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