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how to stop snoring tips

How to Stop Snoring – Sleep Peacefully and Easily Without Disturbing Others

This book is intended to provide much needed relief from the effects of snoring and subsequently help you sleep better and your marriages to survive!

This book start with a definition of snoring together with the root causes. Once the root causes are understood you move on to looking at the various solutions and remedies to help you sleep peacefully.



herbal beauty handbook2

The Herbal Beauty Handbook: Volume Two – Hair, Teeth & Nails (Herbal Wellness Guides)

This handbook highlights many safe, all-natural, and easy to make recipes for healthy hair, teeth, and nails. Once you realize how good you look and feel after switching to natural, herbal products you will never go back!



Eating right for good health

Eating Right In A Nutshell: End Diseases Like Diabetes, Heart Disease and Other Health Disorders

In this book, the author shares her experiences, on what worked for her on her journey to a heart disease free life that include…
– Avoiding Processed Foods Is More Than An Option
– Kiss the Sugar Goodbye
– Kick the Wheat Out of the Pantry
– A pH Balancing Act For Better Health
– Give Your Immune System a Boost
– Introduction to Food Combining
– Plant Based Raw Foods, Juices and Smoothies Are Very Nutritious
– Growing Your Own Herbs and Sprouts
– On the Subject of the Gut
– Crackdown on Colon Chaos
– The Dreaded Exercise



25 things they should have taught you

25 Things They Should Have Taught You In Medic School… But Didn’t

This book looks to address some of the things that just can’t be covered in class, but really should be. The book includes 25 chapters on things every Emergency Medical Technician or and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic, whether just thinking about signing up for class or graduated way back when, needs to know.



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