Getting to the Root: How to Block Dihydrotestosterone


Having a head full of hair is pretty awesome, although, some people prefer not to grow their own. However, there are alternatives to keep from going bald, if that’s what you want. Some vitamins are like foods they are good for you, but too much of any good thing, can have a diverse effect. Many individuals live with bald spots and thinning hair, with little hope of growing their hair back, until now. Folliform DHT Blockers offers a sure and natural way to re-grow hair.

Hair is a body of the body that needs to be fed with vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. When the hair roots are deprived of these essentials, the hair starts to break off. This is where baldness, thinning hair and yes, hair loss sets in. there is a natural way to get a head full of healthy shiny hair, without wearing a wig, or getting a weave job. Folliform blocks the circulation of Dihydrotestosterone, thus preventing it from damaging the hair follicles. Potent and powerful natural ingredients such as pumpkin seed, saw palmetto, nettle root and pygeum extract works together to strengthen the root of the hair.

What Makes Folliform Work So Well and How Effective DHT Blocker is?

Folliform works best with the aid of a rich diet that supports and promotes hair growth and regrowth. By using a natural supplement, the hair follicles are able to effectively block the manufacturing of DHT. The ingredients are in their purest form, and they are naturally harmless.

Hair loss is devastating, frustrating and very traumatic. It causes individuals to shy away from the people they love, and the places they enjoy visiting. Hair loss alters individuals self esteem, and causes them to think un-highly of themselves. Help is finally here, to help stop hair loss embarrassment.

What exactly is DHT and How Does It Cause Baldness?

DHT is found in both males and females, and its presence becomes more evident over time. DHT is the cause of 95% of baldness in males, and a contribution to women thinning hair and baldness as well. The body’s genetic DNA structure determines how much DHT the body produces over a period of time. The more DHT the body produces the more hair loss, both men and women experience.

DHT is produced in several parts of the body such as the testes, the adrenal glands and the prostate. This means that hair loss and baldness is most likely genetically linked. The presence of high levels of 5 alpha reductase indicates a presence of DHT enzymes in the male testosterone. DHT lashes on to the weakest part of the hair follicles and restricts the circulation of blood. This restriction also prevents vitamins and other essential nutrients from providing nutrients to the follicles. This results in hair shrinkage, hair loss and hair thinning.

DHT blockers prevent DHT from interfering with the natural hair growth and regrowth process. The blockers allow the hair follicles to receive the nutrients they need, so they can grow strong, long and healthy. Blocking this natural hormone can restore hairlines, and increase the growth of hair in areas, that are bald or thinning.

Using a DHT blocker provides the strongest defense against hair loss. An effective DHT treatment or regiment offer cost effective solutions and alternative to restoring hair loss and reclaiming areas where hair loss is visible.


Folliform DHT Blocker was developed by VH Nutrition and has come out to raving reviews. Try it today.

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