Healthy Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice

Are you looking for detox juice? We have shared some detox recipes on our previous post such as 7 Amazing Detox Smoothies With Extraordinary Health Benefits and Magical DeBloat Potion Recipe to Detox, Get Rid of Toxins and Have More Energy. If you’d read them, I hope you find them helpful.

Healthy Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice Recipe

Today, I would like add another juice recipe, a Healthy Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice recipe from LousianaBrideBlog. This recipe make use the powerful health benefits of cucumbers, ginger, lime, parsley and cayenne pepper. This is super easy to make on your own at home, and you have an option to add some watermelon, cantaloupe or honey if you like sweeter juice.

What are the health benefits of the ingredients?

*Cucumber – excellent for detoxing because it helps in ridding out bloating, help with hydration, reduce inflammation, etc.

*Ginger – help maintains normal blood circulation, improves essential nutrients absorption, combat stomach discomfort, strengthens immunity, combat morning sickness, colon cancer prevention, fights common respiratory problems, etc.

*Cayenne pepper – this anti-flu, anti fungal, anti inflammatory herbs helps equalize blood pressure, useful in alleviating allergies, muscle cramp, improving digestion, gives more pep and energy, helps wound healing with minimal scar tissue, etc.

*Lime – rich in Vitamin C and helps cure scurvy and gout, stimulates the digestive system, etc.

*Parsley – rich in vitamin A, C and K, helps in maintaining a healthy immune system


Overall, this ginger cucumber detox juice will help you remove harmful toxins from your body, have a well-functioning digestive system and healthy immune system.

To get the exact guide on how to make this detox recipe, please check out the link below…

Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice

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  1. Hi, thanks for dis information! But some of these ingredient re hard to fine in my country, (Nigeria) re there any alternatives?

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