How Family Can Be a Cause for Depression?


doctor talking to couple about depressionMany people are of the opinion that depression is nothing but a desperate attempt of a person to get attention. It is a very self-centred activity that clearly describes a person’s inability to grow up and be responsible for one’s own happiness. However, this is far from truth. The doctors at queens medical suggest that depression is beyond a person’s control. It is not a desperate attempt to get attention but a desperate cry for help. The doctors believe that there are several causes of depression and generalising depression is not a solution.

One can say that for starters, depression could be biological. There are certain genetic and neurochemical factors that do play a very important role.  Your genes speak a lot about your problem solving abilities. It speaks volumes about your coping style. There are some people who deal with problems in a much healthier way by directly approaching it and being proactive about it; some, on the other hand, try to hide away from it and take every step possible to avoid it. The doctors at queen medical suggest that people who are bound to get depressed sooner or later often make a series of poor choices and take bad decisions. This is one factor that leads to depression and if the person is already depressed, it makes the conditions worse.

Your outlook towards life matters a lot. If a person often thinks of himself as a victim if anything goes wrong, then the person is bound to get depressed. They do not look at life in a positive way. If any curveball is thrown at them, they hide away in their shell and blame others and treat themselves as sheer victims. They do not smarten up and walk in the face of trouble to overcome it, but they do just the opposite, which is a clear sign of a person being depressed.

The doctors at queens medical suggest that genetics play a very important role where depression is concerned. Most of the times, it really matters how your relationship with members of your family really is. If you share a healthy relationship with them where all the members of the family live together in mutual peace and harmony, the person is less likely to be depressed. On the other hand, if the relation with the family members is strained, a person is likely to find it extremely difficult to cope up with the pressures of keeping up with them and is more likely to get frequent bouts of depression.

The emotions within the family play a very important role. If the family openly expresses love and gratitude towards each other, people are less likely to be depressed than people who live in competitive families who do not support each other’s decisions and rarely show love and respect to each other. It is important to understand that interactions with your family members play a very important role and it is essential to develop good relations with them.

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