How To Make A Miracle Skin Healing Balm

Are you suffering from eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, itching, burns, rashes, bug bits and stings, slow-healing wounds or cuts, scraps, and bruises? How would you like to treat any of them?

How To Make A Miracle Healing Balm Tutorial

If you will ask Andrea, the brain behind FrugallySustainable, I’m sure she will advice you to apply a miracle skin healing balm. This is a mush-have for her house during spring, summer, fall and winter. In fact, she had created a recipe on how to make a homemade miracle healing balm posted on her blog.

The skin healing balm recipe make use of powerful ingredients such as good-quality olive oil, dried calendula flowers, dried plantain, dried St. John’s wort, dried Oregon grape root, beeswax and essentials oils.

The herbs and oils used in this balm had the power to heal all the skin problems above and some that have not yet mentioned. And Andrea proudly says that this is packed full of antimicrobial, antiviral, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties to treat a broad-spectrum of skin ailments.

This is a great add on to your medicine chest. Now, see how Andrea make and use this miracle healing balm for amazing benefits here…

How To Make A Miracle Healing Balm


Sweet Blend Bee Magic miracle healing all over skin cream

Many people begin their relationship with Bee Magic because of its deep defense properties, which are beneficial to burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes and skin irritations. Then they notice their super-hydrated, glowing, healthy skin as a result of daily application. Bee Magic is superfood for all skin types and leaves a luxurious protective mantle that plumps up and hydrates even the most thirsty skin types.

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