How To Make A Muscle Rub To Relieve Headaches


EverydayRoots has shared another great recipe to help in treating bodily ailments such as muscle pain and headaches.

How To Make A Muscle Rub To Relieve Headaches

This homemade muscle rub is so simple and easy to make at the comfort of your home. The end-product can be rubbed into your neck, shoulders and temples to quickly and effectively relieve muscle pain and headaches.

This recipe makes use of power-packed essential oils such as wintergreen, ginger, clove and peppermint, and other carrier oils to ease the discomforts of headache pain.

The next time you’re experiencing a headache after working your projects using your computer, you can say goodbye to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like Advil or Aspirin. And use this muscle rub and ease the tensions on your shoulders and necks, instead. In no time, you can beat those nasty tension headaches.

To see how to make it for yourself, visit here…

DIY Headache Relieving Muscle Rub

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