How to Make All Purpose Healing Salve Soap


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How to Make All Purpose Healing Salve Soap

We’ve just learned that Rebecca, the beautiful lady behind CampWander, has made a healing salve soap which she already shared on her latest blog post. We found out that her new recipe was patterned from the original All Purpose Healing Salve Recipe, which we also shared here on Amazing Herbs and Oils, a few months ago. You can read How to Make Out an All Purpose Healing Salve & Recipe  or Amazing 3 NEW All-Purpose Healing Salve BLENDS, if you’ve missed these posts.

According to Rebecca, the healing salve was crafted with pure plant essence, super healthy coconut oil and emollient olive oil you can look younger, dress a wound, calm a child, alleviate allergies and much more!

This healing salve soap make use of ingredients that include coconut oil, olive oil, Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap, lavender essential oil, melaleuca essential oil and lemon essential oil.

Rebecca reveals that all the ingredients were whipped up into an emollient, healing soap. There’s no cooking or melting of any kind involved. She just used a bowl and a hand mixer.

This healing salve soap is a great natural moisturizer with powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And all the oils have cleansing properties to make you feel clean and healthier.


2 cups Coconut Oil – high quality is important

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

2 tablespoons Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap or any other organic liquid soap of choice.


40 drops Lavender

30 drops Melaleuca

20 drops Lemon


Whip the coconut oil first on low speed…you’ll want it nice and smooth, there will still be small lumps though.  Add the olive oil, then the soap…blend slowly on low speed.  Add the EOs next and blend once more.

For a full post of Rebecca’s tutorial on this salve soap, check out the link below…

All Purpose Healing Salve ~ SOAP!

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    • Hello Carolyn,

      I’m very sorry if we’ve wasted your time. We are referencing this post to the original article to give credit to the source. If our visitors would like to read the original post, they are feel free to click the title right after the post, which links to the original source. Again, sorry for wasting your time.

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      • The ingredients are not hard to find. They are available at any health food store such as Whole Foods. Where they are not found is in your typical grocery store that only carries what can make you sick. There is also the internet… Don’t waste your time looking in the wrong places.

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