How to Make Banana Face Mask Homemade Recipe

One of the best thing you can do today is to feel rejuvenated and be more confident without spending much of your hard-earned money. And a good facial regimen such as applying face mask can help.

Banana Face Mask Homemade Recipe

In our previous post, we’ve shared Extraordinary Avocado Face Mask Recipe. Today, I would like to share the banana face mask homemade recipe from DIYConfession. Ceara, the twenty-something beautiful Mama behind the site, shares that this natural face mask for sensitive and dry skin works wonder for her. She has been using this face mask with no hives effect but just smooth, glowing skin. To make your own, you need to prepare ingredients that include egg yolk, mashed banana and olive oil o coconut oil.

The banana face mask benefits are truly amazing. Banana is good for exfoliating and moisturizing your skin to make it soft and hydrated. The egg yolk packs vitamin B2 and B3, and Zinc which boost the immune system and help acne heal and prevent breakouts. While olive oil packs vitamin E and A which gives a healthy, natural glow to the skin and has antioxidants to fight free radicals and prevent fast skin aging.

To learn how to make this banana face mask recipe for oily or dry skin, check the link below…

How to Make Banana Face Mask Homemade Recipe

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