How to Make Berry Root Syrup for Sore Throat


berry root syrup

Up to now, sore throat is still creeping up on many people, making life uncomfortable and stressful. So, treating it now is a good way to prevent suffering further stress and anxiety.

Today, I’m sharing another sore throat remedy for you and your family from MountainRoseBlog. I just have to thank Erin, the Communications Manager at Mountain Rose Herbs, for posting this recipe on their blog.

Erin, a graduate from Columbines School of Botanical Studies, shares this new sore throat recipe with immune booster ingredients that include, organic elderberries, organic schisandra berries, organic eleuthero root, organic echinacea root, organic cinnamon stick, and local honey. This formula packs a big punch to help your body fights cold.

Read Erin’s guide on making a potent berry root syrup to relieve sore throat, colds, etc.

Check the link below to start it now…

How to Make Berry Root Syrup

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