How to Make Coconut Oil Deodorant

Are you tired of using deodorants from your favorite beauty store? Or maybe you’ve realized that there are some unhealthy ingredients in them that a lot of medical researchers say would pose problems to health and link to cancer.

make coconut oil deodorant

But why you should try a deodorant with coconut oil as one of the main ingredients? What are the coconut oil deodorant benefits?

Aside from smelling fresh with the aromatic essential oils of your choosing such as tea tree oil, sweet orange or cinnamon, this kind of deodorant is also a powerful anti-perspirant. With the additional ingredients of baking soda, arrowroot powder and cornstarch, it really maintain your underarm’s dryness.

Stephanie, the author of this recipe and the blogger behind The Wannabe Homesteader adores very much coconut oil. And she is proud to say that this natural deodorant recipe works amazingly well. It works like a charm for her and her family. Her only regret is, she didn’t tried it earlier.

If you would like to try this recipe, check the link below to learn the easy tutorial…

How to Make Coconut Oil Deodorant

Some of the Best Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Cooking, Body Care and Hair Care

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