How to Make Coffee Shower Scrub to Soothe Your Skin


Best Coffee Shower Scrub to Soothe Your Skin

Did you always threw your leftover coffee grounds from your morning coffee? If yes, think it again. They are not waste. You can still use them as ingredients to make coffee shower scrub.

Those leftover coffee grounds still has anti-oxidants which can give boost to your skin. Mixed with other ingredients that include ground oatmeal, almonds, essential oils and apricot oil, you can make a powerful shower scrub that is a perfect treat for your skin on the weekends. The ground oatmeal and almonds enhances your skin stone, the juniper and eucalyptus essential oils add extra silky goodness and the apricot oil moisturizes your skin.

Mary Meckley, the beautiful lady behind SipandOm, reveals that you can make this coffee shower scrub within 10 minutes. And you can finely used this for about two weeks.

To learn how you can easily make this shower scrub and some simple tips, check the link below…

How to Make Coffee Shower Scrub to Soothe Your Skin

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