How to Make Extraordinary Vanilla Ginger Ale Syrup for Valentines Day


vanilla ginger ale syrup recipe

Do you want something to sip with sweet and spicy flavor and packs tons of health benefits? Then this Vanilla Ginger Ale Syrup recipe from HomeSpunWithLove would be a perfect treat this Love Month.

Kristin, the author of HomeSpunWithLove, combines the fresh ginger root and vanilla extract to make a potent Vanilla Ginger Ale Syrup. This syrup is so poweful because of the following…

Ginger health benefits:
· Helps in treating digestive disorders
· Provides relief to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and chronic muscle pain
· Provides protection from cancer
· Helps in reducing cholesterol level and prevents internal clotting of blood
· Helps in treating respiratory problems like cold, flu, cough, bronchitis, asthma, and breathlessness
· Aids in treating painful and irregular menstrual discharges
· Helps dissolve kidney stones
· And much, much more.

Vanilla extract health benefits:
· Aphrodisiac
· Helps in cleansing skin problems
· Helps in healing burns, cut and wounds,
· Helps relieve symptoms such as pain from a sore throat or headache
· Helps in fighting a toothache and infection
· Helps relieve from nausea
· Aids in weight loss
· Helps reduces anxiety and stress
· Helps regulates menstruation
· And much, much more.

Read Kristin’s recipe as she reveals how to make this Homemade Vanilla Ginger Ale Syrup and how to use it to get maximum health benefits.

Check the link below to start it now…

How to Make Extraordinary Vanilla Ginger Ale Syrup for Valentines Day

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